Petr, Šumperk

I would like to thank you, Michaela, for your great help with my dog Elinka. We both have been seeing big improvements since our meeting on Sunday. We were on a walk on Monday morning and tears welled up in my eyes when I found out that Ela was fulfilling my wishes without my offering her a treat. She followed me so beautifully even without a leash. You managed to clear away “something” between us, so naturally. Suddenly I realise that a partnership with a dog cannot be bought for a treat. Elinka knows a lot, now it’s my turn to learn. Thank you.

Andrea, Brno

We went for a run with Michaela and my dog. She is a “sunshine” person who looks at the world from a different perspective than other people. She immediately transferred a positive spirit to me. She corrected my running position, since then I have been trying to maintain it, which has opened my lungs, but mainly at that moment, she taught me how to draw more energy from nature and also how to calm down with nature. I have seen her communication with dogs which is beautiful in its deepness. I would like to gain this knowledge myself also. Our running together was full of joy and happiness for my dog and I.

Dana, Libčice nad Vltavou

It was a very pleasant meeting with many of well-spotted improvements, eg. consistency in approach or correct communication with my dog. I was interested in what our meeting will bring for us – I received answers to all my questions.

Michaela, Praha

With my Mia, we have now a great relationship. She improved on leash 1000%. I’m very enthusiastic about it.  It is impressive such a little is enough and makes such a quick change in behaviour. Your skill is a treasure and a miracle.

Dana, Brno

Already after our first meeting, My dog and I were able to walk on a loose leash even though just for a short while. Until now, we were fighting on a leash as Eddy is a dog with very high energy. We worked together: Eddy started to work on decreasing his energy excitement and I experienced how to work on my physical posture and thoughts shared with my dog. Our session was very pleasant: filled with positive energy, a gentle approach, and also information that I have never heard anywhere else. I realised that it is not just about time spent with Michaela, but a huge gain to our future lives. Since our session, Eddy is more willing to do things for me that he didn’t want to do in past. We got somehow closer to each other also in trust and with a stronger bond. His “come to me” command improved rapidly. During our second meeting, Michaela guided us through a  dogs’ exhibition that is normally a very difficult place for us to be. Having someone with calm energy and impressively fast communication in different situations was a relief and very useful experience for our future improvements.

Iveta, Brno

First, I have to say that our meeting with Michaela was very pleasant also for my dog as he led me today again to the place where we met together. Second, I acknowledge how to leave some responsibility for our agreements to my dog.  The major profit I gain from our session is uncovering what I did not do correctly and experience my ability to work on my anticipation of situations that might never happen.

Jana, Brno

Thank you, Michaela, for an inspirational and immensely enriching meeting with the consultation of knowledge from your book “Sign language for dogs”. I have realized that my communication is very automatic and so my ability to express my uniqueness and respectful approach is badly influenced. As written in your book – relationships between dog and human are based on the respect of both partners in their natural setting and also our honest and trustful communication.

Nikola, Praha

I work with my dog quite a lot and his obedience is excellent. I am most grateful for learning to communicate what I want from him without so many treats. I gained the confidence to trust him as I have never trusted his behaviour so much. It helped me solve his problem. During our session, I also understood a lot of other dogs’ signals in general, which surprises me now how many “silly” owners do not have absolutely any idea – sometimes I feel transferred to another dimension by knowing this. Last but not least, Michaela taught me how to relieve ourselves of reacting to our surroundings in different situations and taught how we can behave calmly.

Zdeňka, Jihlava

Michaela got an alternative approach and different ways how to communicate with the dog. The relationship with a dog is not based on commands, but it focuses on being together in the present moment (here and now), perceiving the time spent together, not only physically but also in deep connection. Not to be in a master position, but to be a partner. Knowing how to show the dog that this situation is perfectly fine and give him the support he needs. I acknowledged information that if I’m not fine, it can’t be fine, even my dog was the most important to me. I understood how to be supportive, not to bring emotions from work into our partnership, and being able to deal with my emotions and control my reactions.

Eva, Praha 

We have a very good experience from meetings with Michaela. I can fully recommend her services. She helped me with the relationship between my a bit choleric daughter and our hyperactive schnauzer. Now, thanks to her skills to clearly convey important information with respect to their beings and patient leadership they understand each other calmer and respectful way.

Monika, Praha

Michaela as a coach saved my life, my current life as I love it. For the past months, I was keen to buy a dog.  I’m very busy with personal and also professional life where taking care of a pet would be very difficult. I did not want him to struggle, so I started to think about changing my job and whole life to ensure that my new dog would have everything he will need. I fell in love with one dog from the kennels and wanted to save him. I had this dilemma for some weeks already so I contacted Michaela to share her professional opinion. It took us only 20 minutes of coaching sessions for me to be clear about what I want. I’m certain now: I don’t want a dog. My desire to have a dog disappeared after clarification of causes that led me to those feelings. I felt great to find out.  To be clear. Thank you.